Center for Research on Inflammation

Equipe Moreau / Lotersztajn (R.Moreau)

     Deputy Director : Richard Moreau

Renato-1           Director : Renato Monteiro                
General Manager : Anaely Landois

The CRI is composed of about 280 persons including researchers, teachers, ingeneers and technicians, master and PhD students, post-doctorants and fellows. It is composed of 10 teams and about ten core facilities including one animal facility.
The center is located at  Bichat Hospital Campus of Paris Diderot University, the main binding being at Bichat building and 2 additional buildings at Beaujon and R. Debré hospitals. The total surface is 4 000 m2.

The main goals of the CRI are :

  • Understand molecular basis of inflammatory processes and the development of fibrosis
  • Identify physiopathologocal mechanisms of inflammatory diseases
  • Identify biomarkers as predictor of disease severity and develop new imaging tools as medical devices.
  • Create new animal models as preclinical step for proof-of-concept trials for treatment of inflammatory diseases
  • CRI is a leading actor of the laboratory of excellence “Institute for Inflammatory Diseases” (Inflamex) which is coordinated by R. Monteiro, of the DHU Unity (coordinated by D. Valla) and the DHU Fire (co-coordinated by B. Crestani, G. Steg & E.Daugas).

The CRI is organized in two scientific deparments composed of 6 to 7 teams :

Hepato-Gastroenterology Departement   sl
Coordinator : Sophie Lotersztajn
Nephrology-Immunology-Hematology department Blank
Coordinator : Ulrich Blank

Elected CRI-scientific board