Hepato-Gastroenterology Department


Sophie Lotersztajn, Coordinator

The department of Hepatology and Gastroenterology gathers 120 scientists and clinicians in six research group.

Our general objectives are to study the impact of environmental factors (nutritional, alcohol, tobacco, viruses and drugs) on the progression of chronic liver and gastrointestinal diseases to fibrosis and cancer.

Our projects aim to better understand the underlying mechanisms of disease progression, in particular the dyfunctions in the inflammatory processes, and to validate new imaging biomarkers. This translational approach relies on the close interactions between the research teams and the clinical departments of Hopital Beaujon and Robert Debré.

The teams are also members of European and international research networks, are founding members of national academic health centers (DHU) UNITY (institut-digestif.com), of the international laboratory co-founded with the ILBS (Delhi) and of the laboratory of Excellence Inflamex (www.inflamex.fr).


Research groups

Inflammatory and stress responses in chronic liver diseases
Leaders : Richard Moreau/Sophie Lotersztajn

From inflammation to cancer in digestive diseases
Leaders : Valérie Paradis/Alain Couvineau

Novel imaging biomarkers for inflammation, fibrosis and cancer
Leader : Bernard van Beers

Physiopathology and treatment of viral hepatitis
Leaders: Patrick marcellin/Tarik Asselah

Intestinal Inflammation
Leaders Jean-Pierre Hugot/ Eric Ogier-Denis

Gastrointestinal and metabolic dysfunctions
Leader : André bado

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